Sports Performance Programme

At All Things Physio we are proud to be partnered with the Kingston University Sports and Performance Programme for international and regional level athletes. The University introduced the programme to assist talented sports people in balancing their sporting and academic commitments and All Things Physio will be providing Sports Physiotherapy to the athletes within this programme. 


All members of the programme are eligible for care with All Things Physio.
For further information regarding Sports Physiotherapy please contact the All Things Physio team.
For enquiries not regarding the Sports Performance Programme please speak to the Sports Development Manager at Kingston University.

Sports Physiotherapy

At All Things Physio we strongly believe that high level care should be accessible to all. Our specialists sports physiotherapists, alongside their role within the Sports Performance Programme, see members of the public in both Kingston and Wimbledon. We welcome all disciplines of sport and will tailor each session to you and your activities.

When returning to sport it is important to not just be pain free but also to be able to physically cope with the demands required for participating in your chosen activity. This is where knowledge of strength & conditioning is vital alongside being able to access the right facilities.

We are fortunate to have the use of two fully equipped gyms in our clinics. These are utilised effectively within sessions to make sure we push you that little bit further so you can perform that little bit better.

Sports Physiotherapy

What To Expect

Our sports physiotherapy appointments will, where appropriate, include:

  • Biomechanical Assessment of movements particular to your sport
  • Video Gait Analysis to analyse your running style top identofy factors that may be contributing to your injury
  • Looking at the whole body movements, not just focusing on single joints / muscles
  • Treatment focused on not just resolving your pain but returning you to competition whilst reducing the chance of recurrence
  • Individualised exercise programmes for use at home or within gyms


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